Successful Content Marketing = Consistency (Great Content + Emotions)

As an audience, we’re exposed to near 1000 new pieces of content a day. We have all the resources at our disposal to make informed decisions. For every choice we make, we decline 999 other options.

It can seem overwhelming for marketers and startup owners to try and stand out in this deep ocean of content.

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What differentiates the people who stand out from those who don’t? They consistently add genuine value to their audience.

Genuine value is when you give or do something from an altruistic angle not expecting anything in return. It could be giving your time, attention, ideas, money, gifts, emotions and infinite other things.

The best content connects with audiences on a visceral level and stands out more than content created from a logical perspective (even if that content is awesome).

How do you differentiate between logical and emotional content?

Emotional content is created when you deeply understand your audience. If you share similarities or you are the audience then you have a head-start. I recommend that you regularly research and fine tune your audience personas. It’s even better to visualise an archetype or identify someone you know very well and create content to address their problems.

Delivering once or twice won’t be enough. To deliver genuine value, you have to enjoy the process enough to go beyond once or twice.

When people first read an amazing piece of content on your blog, they might not necessarily share it. They might not even intend on deliberately coming back to that blog. There’s too much great content out there to remember that person who wrote that epic post on productivity.

You have to continue delivering.

“In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted, if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.”
– Tom Seaver

Consistency breeds familiarity. You start building trust and likability by regularly delivering great content.

People Who Consistently Deliver Great Content

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking – Neil Patel

The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing – Distilled

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing – Kissmetrics blog

All of these are examples of great content. There are many people beginning to produce outstanding content of near this level. But the people that produced all of the above stand out more because they do it consistently. That’s a different ball game.

There are also a lot of one hit wonders. These are people who spend time and create one or two pieces of epic content and you rarely or never hear from them again. They don’t realise that you can’t give enough value by just delivering a couple of epic pieces.

You have to do it again. And then again. And again. You keep producing great content to serve the audience. This differentiates the great from the good and from those who disappear. It’s only through seeing your content again and again that people start associating you with good shit!

The equation below highlights my point.

Success = Consistency (Great Content + Emotions)


Success = Consistency x Content of Genuine Value


Define your audience. If you don’t know who they are, how can you provide them with value? You need to know what makes them laugh, what problems they have.

Serve them with genuinely amazing content experiences. Only by knowing their problems can you serve them best. This doesn’t just mean writing a great blog post. It also means being personable and engaging with them. This means having an easy on the eye website and brand. It could mean introducing them to like-minded people (community). Give them a hub to express themselves, a hand in fulfilling their potential.

Most importantly: Don’t do it once or twice and then stop. Keep delivering genuine value. Consistency is the biggest denominator separating those that build traction from those who wither away.

By consistently serving your audience with content that resonates with them – everything will naturally fall into place.

Your thoughts?

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