• Technical SEO Audit
    An SEO audit will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your website. I provide bespoke and comprehensive audits for your tech team to implement.
  • Site Migration
    A poorly planned website migration can lead to a severe loss in business revenue. I help websites mitigate organic traffic loss to avoid disaster.
  • Traffic Drop Analysis
    Investigating a loss in organic traffic isn’t always as straightforward. I can provide a thorough investigation into what caused the drop.
  • SEO Strategy
    A solid strategy addresses technical, content, backlinks, competition and the search landscape. Lets work together and create a strategy that delivers results.
  • SEO Monitoring
    There are numerous threats to your site’s visibility. With various data sources, I can set-up reporting to mitigate threats before they become issues.
  • SEO Communication
    It can be a challenge to get buy-in from stakeholders. I provide detailed insights and visualisations to win over investors, board, team and customers.

My services are very bespoke and designed to fit your needs.

I’m flexible in terms of working arrangements, whether it is a one-off project, monthly retainer or a temporary contract.