What others say...

Neil is superb at large data analysis, he is able to manage massive data sets and turn up details and useful actionable insights which translates into revenue improvements for businesses. He is very thorough and has a great eye for detail spotting things which would escape other people.

Neil worked with me at various agencies. He has delivered a great quality of work and had a great feedback from all of the team members who worked with him.

The quality of work produced is of an extremely high, detailed standard which brought results. Neil also took on client facing responsibilities whilst working within my team and was very professional, clear and concise, ensuring the client understood everything being presented.

Neil came in to help support us on a migration project and did such a through and detailed job, we were so pleased with his work! Not only does he really know what he is talking about, particularly when it comes to the nitty gritty technical details of SEO, but he is very good at breaking this down and explaining to the client. He always delivered all work to a high standard, in a timely fashion and was extremely organized.

I had the pleasure of working with Neil on several large client projects over the last year; including a site migration, a full technical audit and an internal linking project. Neil always brought a huge amount of knowledge and expertise on the technical SEO side, but was equally comfortable and enthusiastic delivering his analysis & recommendations to the client.